Earth Day: Energy & Climate

Today we focus on energy and climate change.  While being sensitive to the difficult challenges the world currently faces with Covid-19, one thing is visibly clear – lower fossil fuel consumption has quickly improved air quality worldwide.

From industry to transportation, energy to food production, fossil fuels touch most of our lives every day. Carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere faster than at any time in the last 66 million years. Each year, 100,000 Americans die as a result of this pollution. Unfortunately, governments around the world continue to subsidize the fossil fuel business. In 2017, according to the International Monetary Fund, the global subsidies totaled $5.2 trillion.

We Have the Solutions!

Countless studies show we can reduce energy demand while improving air and water quality at far lower prices than originally forecast through a number of strategies. They include the use of:

  • Smart Buildings: automation can reduce energy needs by more than 20% for lighting, heating/cooling and communications! Retrofitting existing structures saves money, increases comfort levels, reduces pollution, and creates good jobs that boost local economies.
  • Net Zero and Green Construction: Initially thought to be more expensive, builders are proving that design matters and green is cheaper both before and after construction.
  • Energy Efficiency: Every dollar spent on energy efficiency yields a $20 gain. See below for a list of ways to save!
  • Renewable Energy: Wind and Solar are now the cheapest form of new power, even without subsidies. Fossil fuels are increasingly dangerous to extract, transport and use, where clean energy investments yield higher efficiencies with less environmental damage. And “solar installer/wind turbine technician” has become the fastest job growth sector, employing more in clean energy than oil, gas and coal combined.
  • Storage: Challenges in meeting time-of-use demand with energy availability is being addressed through advancements in storage. Emerging partnerships, such as the Australia – Tesla storage facility, have saved consumers millions of dollars and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

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Today’s Climate Action Request

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