The Climate Reality Project introduced Chapters in the summer of 2017 with the official public launch taking place in August 2018. Chapters are led by trained leaders of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and climate-concerned public members. The Chicago Chapter was established October 1, 2017, as one of the first chapters in the US and remains one of the largest.

Chapters are a way for people to come together locally to learn, get into action and rally towards a rapid transition to sustainable communities. We’re building a network of activists who will stand up, roll up sleeves and move things towards a future we not only envision but know is possible.

We’re focused on the long game. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, we’ll assure that we stay energized and have fun along the way.



What is a Chapter?

Whether you’re a lifelong environmentalist or a new activist just starting out, there’s a place for you in your local Climate Reality chapter.

Climate Reality chapters bring together Americans of all backgrounds and walks of life to push for practical clean energy solutions in their own backyards and fight the fossil fuel agenda on the national stage.

Chapters give members the opportunity to draw on Climate Reality’s support and expertise while creating and executing their own plan for climate action in their communities.

Already, Climate Reality chapters have become a vital force for progress, helping expand clean energy alternatives, tackling the legacy of fossil fuels in low-income communities, and pushing for carbon pricing policies, to name just a few impacts.

The only prerequisite to joining a chapter is the desire to make a difference. And with over 80 chapters and growing in cities, towns, and campuses across the US, there are many ways to get involved with other activists in your community

Why join?

By joining your local Climate Reality Chapter, you’ll:

  • Connect with a local community of engaged activists just like you.
  • Gain skills and access resources to help you make a difference.
  • Help bring real climate solutions to your community
  • Help ensure the US marches forward in fighting climate change

a room full of leaders sitting at tables listening to a presenter

If you are concerned about climate, JOIN US!