The goal of the EV Accelerators team is to increase adoption of electric vehicles in the Greater Chicago Area.  This is done with a particular focus on consumers and passenger vehicles, with another Climate Reality Chicago team focused specifically on public transit (see Electrification of Public Transit team page).  The EV Accelerators achieve this goal through education of consumers and car dealers, as well as advocacy for new local, state, and federal policy on electric vehicles.  Electric Vehicles are a key resource for reducing both GHG and local pollutants and we want to get them on the road as quickly as possible!

Current Initiatives

  • Developing policy positions to share with the public and discuss with government representatives at all levels of government
  • Creating supplements to existing Climate Reality presentations, as well as standalone presentations to inform the public further about the benefits and urgency of getting more EVs on the road
  • Developing education resources for dealers, and encouraging dealerships in the area to pursue more EV sales
  • Organizing in-person events to get “butts in seats” and allow the public to see how nice EVs are – hopefully encouraging them to make an EV their next vehicle purchase

team LEAD

Tom Coleman



Monthly on 3rd Mondays, 6:00pm
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