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Electrify Everything!

The only way to solve the climate crisis is to stop burning fossil fuels. That’s why we need to electrify everything and remake the grid from one reliant on oil, gas and coal to one powered by renewable energy, like wind, solar and geothermal.

We know most people can’t suddenly switch out all their gas appliances, even with incentives. But we can all pledge that when our car and appliances reach the end of their useful lives, we will replace them with clean, energy-efficient electric. Learn more on our Electrification Resources page and watch our Video Training Series.

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Living a Greener Life: Our Blog

The time is now for climate action. We need you!

After experiencing the warmest summer on record, now is the perfect time to get active in our fight against the climate crisis. Get active with Climate Reality Chicago Metro!

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Reduce your home’s carbon footprint with incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act

An insulated, electrified home will save you money over time — and will lower your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Ms. Linton Goes to Springfield

Ms. Linton Goes to Springfield April 28, 2023 I had not been to Environmental Lobby Day in Springfield since just before the pandemic. And I do mean “just.” The last[…]

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