Zero Waste Warriors

As part of Climate Reality Chicago, the Zero Waste Warrior committee was borne out of a love for our planet. We’re working to keep it clean and safe for all living things. 

Most of us don’t realize how wrapped up we are in a consumerist society of over-consumption. We’re largely addicted to a linear, wasteful economy. Most of us are busy trying to make it through a busy, fast-paced life, not realizing the harm we’re causing!

But resources don’t last forever and waste rarely goes away. We’re hurting ourselves, our flora and fauna, and suffocating our planet in waste. 

There are many waste issues to tackle — single-use plastics, food waste, fast fashion, just to name a few. As we base our goals on moving towards a circular economy, we’ll begin by working to eliminate Styrofoam from the waste stream, specifically at restaurants.

We have so much work to do. The more of you we have onboard, the more we can do — resulting in greater impact. If you’re committed to zero waste, our committee is for you. So, join us!