Chapter Leadership

The Chicago Chapter was established on Oct. 1, 2017. The Climate Reality Project officially launched Chapters to the public in August 2018. The Lead Team and other roles are evolving. We’re looking to activate members into contributing roles. Once you have opted-in and attended a meeting or two, let us know if you have interest in take a deeper role with our chapter.

Jennifer Linton

Chapter Chair

Kees Riphagen

Campaigns Chair

Jane Goldenberg

Communications Chair

Angela Steele

Membership Chair

Cynthia Linton

Presenters Chair

Regional Groups — City

Kathleen Boyle

Regional Leader, City Northwest Neighborhoods

Linc Cohen

Regional Leader, City Northeast Neighborhoods


Regional Lead, City Central/South

Regional Groups — Suburbs

Dorelle Ackerman

Regional Leader, Suburbs South

climate reality speaker Natalie Lichenbert

Natalie Lichtenbert

Regional Leader, Suburbs West

Carolyn Reeder

Regional Leader, Suburbs Northwest

Rachel Rosner

Regional Leader, Suburbs Northeast