Climate Reality Presenters

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Dorelle Ackermann

teacher, activist

Frida Furman

professor, concerned

Grace Garrity

justice seeker, recent grad

Justin Hudetz

entrepreneur, father

Natalie Lichtenbert

scientist, expedition host

Kent Taylor

diver, speaker extraordinaire

Cynthia Linton

journalist, grandmother

Lucia Whalen

grad student, comedian

Jennifer Linton

creative, activist organizer

Elliot Rossen

innovator, cyclist

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If you have an audience, we have the time. We present using slides of former Vice President, Nobel Laureate and global climate activist Al Gore along with our customized content adapted to your audience. Our chairman has personally trained each of us along with experts in climate science, communication and leadership.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the urgency to act on climate change as quickly as possible. We have the science and solutions ready to share.

— Photos from past presentations —