We are volunteers with access to very limited annual funds. We use various modes of communication and organization as the Chapters program continues to develop and grow. Here a quick links to our digital tools at this time. We’re always open to suggestions!

Facebook Group

(for Chapter members)

New or newly active chapter members may need to ask to be admitted to this private group. Answer the questions and an admin will review and approve opted-in members.

Facebook Page

(open to the public)

Member Google Drive

(for Chapter members)

Our shared resources for chapter members, especially for our initiatives including our national campaigns: Presenters, Pricing Pollution, 100% Committed and County Climate Coalition.

Leaders Google Drive

(for Lead Team of Chapter)

A Drive for those serving as leaders of our Chapter for sharing and organizing our files. If you have begun to work in Chapter operations and have not yet been added, simply request access. We know who you are.


CRP Chicago Chapter” // Members only. This hasn’t exactly caught on, but has potential for campaign and lead team communication. It could be a concise place to manage communications on topics and events where people can drop in at various points of time without overwhelming email inboxes and losing key information.

Google Group

“CRP Chicago Chapter” // This is an email group. We’re interested in testing this option. It’s a bit old school and can have some pitfalls such as an endless stream of emails from members. If we activate on this, members join this group to be able to send messages to our full chapter membership and can collaborate directly about initiatives and topics. If you would be willing to test this out with Chapter leads, let us know.

Action Network

Action Network is a popular platform for nonprofits that offers many tools for the types of activities we execute including petitioning, campaign landing pages, fundraising and emails. If you would be willing to test this out with Chapter leads, let us know.


Climate-Reality-Chicago” // For now, we have an active membership with Meetup as another space to get the word out about our events. This is particularly relevant for those that aren’t on Facebook. There is a monthly (or bi-annual, annual) fee associated with the account, however. Therefore, this may not be maintained. But if you’re on the platform, please join! And plan on advertising any Chapter events you coordinate in this location.