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The veto session may have been canceled, but #CEJACantWait

#CEJACantWait By Linc Cohen If you want to take the next steps in our campaign to keep Illinois on track toward a renewable-energy economy, please write letters to your legislators and the governor! Our chapter’s No. 1 priority for 2020 was passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, but the year will end without the…
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24 Hours of Reality: Presentations by our Climate Reality Leaders

24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future Public Presentations by our Climate Reality Leaders Sign up for one of the presentations by our Climate Reality Leaders and learn more about our climate crisis and how to transform our energy economy for the good of all the ecosystems and animal life on our planet, as…
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Earth Day: Energy & Climate

Today we focus on energy and climate change.  While being sensitive to the difficult challenges the world currently faces with Covid-19, one thing is visibly clear – lower fossil fuel consumption has quickly improved air quality worldwide. From industry to transportation, energy to food production, fossil fuels touch most of our lives every day. Carbon…
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