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Spotlight: Natalie Lynn starts a YouTube channel

Spotlight: Natalie Lynn starts a YouTube channel Editor’s note: This post is part of a new series in which we will highlight and celebrate the environmental work of our Climate Reality Leaders. Please share your story with us at By Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert Environmentally Fashionable/Globally Healthy was borne out of my desire to create…
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Composting Part II: In Apartments

Composting Part II: In Apartments By Alex Parker You might be thinking, well, I live in an apartment; composting isn’t possible. Perhaps! Perhaps not. “Sometimes people will get discouraged about composting because they only know it as a big pile in the back yard, and that’s not a possibility for them,” says Moira Kelley, co-founder…
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You don’t need a big yard to start composting

You don’t need a big yard to start composting By Alex Parker Like many American families, my family struggles with food waste. From neglected produce to avocados that roll to the back of the fridge, it seems a lot of what we buy at the grocery store doesn’t end up on our plates at all.…
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The fight against General Iron is about environmental justice

The fight against General Iron is about environmental justice By Linc Cohen Climate Reality Chicago is working with a coalition of climate-action groups to amplify a battle by Southeast Side environmental groups aimed at keeping General Iron, a scrap preparation company and serial polluter, from relocating into their backyard. We are asking our members who…
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Local Companies That Value Sustainability

Local Companies that Value Sustainability By Alex Parker (Disclosure: Alex contributes pro bono PR work to EarthPaint, and previously worked with Hero Power.) With climate change an unavoidable issue, more companies are committing to sustainable practices. Whether it’s Microsoft pledging to draw down its emissions or the corner grocery store stocking more locally sourced products,…
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Earth Week: Transportation & Chicago EV’s

Transportation is responsible for about 14 % of global emissions. Its damage is not limited to CO2. Particulate matter from tailpipes is a major contributor to respiratory disease and fuel spills have created some of the worst environmental disasters on land and sea. As with energy, a transition is underway that will demand attention by…
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Earth Day: Energy & Climate

Today we focus on energy and climate change.  While being sensitive to the difficult challenges the world currently faces with Covid-19, one thing is visibly clear – lower fossil fuel consumption has quickly improved air quality worldwide. From industry to transportation, energy to food production, fossil fuels touch most of our lives every day. Carbon…
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Earth Week: Food & Family

Food is an area where simple individual changes can have a dramatic impact. Did you know that agriculture and forestry account for 25% of all global greenhouse gases?  Here are some things YOU can do DAILY! Simple awareness and action can make immediate improvements. Reduce food waste – Roughly one-third of the world’s food is…
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Earth Week: A Day of Action – Youth Strike & Earth Day Live

Happy 50th Earth Day: Remembering Earth Day with Gratitude The success of the Earth Day movement is a true example of what can be achieved. As we discussed on Monday, the establishment of the EPA and the ensuing environmental acts paved the way for significant improvements to our world and outlined responsibilities for corporations and…
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Earth Week: Drawdown Solutions

The book Drawdown outlines key solutions for reducing or “drawing down” CO2 emissions to slow the damaging effects of man-made pollution. Updated research suggests that if implemented quickly, they will not only stem the crisis faster but at a lower cost than anticipated. Action now is key.