Let’s all take climate action now!

Let’s all take climate action now!

By Emily Murphy

In a world that thrives on convenience, imagine if you could take meaningful climate action with a simple swipe of your fingertips. Now you can!

Meet the Climate Action Now app, which was created in partnership with The Climate Reality Project to help us take powerful collective action with little effort.

Climate Action Now gives everyone from concerned citizens to hard core climate activists the means to take thousands of individual and systemic actions at the touch of a finger.

You just open the app on your phone and in seconds you can contact your elected officials, email CEOs and/or tweet at celebrities to step up their sustainability. You earn points for each action, and when you’ve earned enough points, a tree is planted on your behalf.

For members of The Climate Reality Project, the app records Acts of Leadership for every action you take and syncs up with the Reality Hub to officially record them.

While the app is still in the pilot stage of development, our Chicago Metro Chapter is participating in the pilot, and our members are free to use the app.

As one of the first users in our chapter, I can tell you it’s user friendly and slightly addicting. I highly recommend you get started today!


  1. Open this link.
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. When prompted, create an account.
  4. When creating your account, you may be asked if you have an invitation code. If so, enter the code for the Chicago Metro Chapter: 88.
  5. Once you create an account, you should see a screen that will allow Climate Reality members to automatically log Acts of Leadership with The Climate Reality Project!
  6. Enter your Reality Hub ID number, which you can find on the Hub.
  7. To see all Chicago Chapter actions, touch the search tab at the bottom of the screen. You should see a section titled “Climate Reality Chicago Chapter” with a list of actions created by your chapter.

Once you’ve got that done, you’re ready to start taking climate action now!

You can also learn how to get started with this video.

Emily Murphy was trained in July 2020 and is serving as an at-large chair for the chapter. She has been very involved with the Zero Waste Warrior committee, helping to raise awareness on the importance of plastic reduction and low waste/sustainable solutions. She’s passionate about stopping pipelines and new fossil fuel infrastructure.


2 Responses

  1. Cynthia Linton says:

    What a great way to contact influencers by phone, email or tweet! I’ve made it a daily habit and keep finding more actions to take. As a member of our chapter team, you can follow friends and colleagues, and they will see your posts. I’ve already earned enough points to plant 15 trees through the Eden Reforestation Project.

    • Robin Weller says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      I started using this a few weeks ago, but have a question. I am not seeing any of my actions in Reality Hub. Is there something I need to do to have that happen ??

      Robin Weller

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