Show your stripes!

Show your stripes!

Here’s a quick, timely action you can take that builds power to address the climate crisis.

Thanks to member Mark M. who pointed this out today on our Facebook Group. If you’re a member of the chapter and not yet in the private group but want to be, email us.

Today is the Summer Solstice and the organization MetsUnite (or Meteorologists United on Climate Change), founded by Jeff Bezadelli, started a campaign last year for this day that they are repeating today. It calls for our country’s meteorologists to #ShowTheirStripes for climate awareness.

The stripes are the visual representation created by Brit Ed Hawkins (his web page here) that quickly and clearly demonstrate how our temperature is changing year by year. The graphics are actually created for a global, country and even state level. Find them here

Below is Illinois’ stripe graphic showing from 1850 to today. Notice anything changed from one side to the other?
And here are the global stripes, again from 1850 to today. It’s a lot more clear what’s happening at large!
Last June, hundreds of TV meteorologists from all around the planet took part in #MetsUnite to send a united message on climate change. Many were wearing the now iconic Warming Stripes pattern on items like neckties and necklaces, communicators conveyed a clear concept – Earth’s warming is accelerating fast!

Perhaps we should pool our money, buy and donate patterned items to our local meteorologists?!

So, we’ve thrown together some quick social media posts to help amplify this action and its powerful messaging. Tom Skilling in Chicago is often helping to raise awareness and is definitely an ally. Let’s poke the rest of our local meteorologists. As author Marshall Shephard (of this article on the topic) says, meteorologists are the rare scientist that we see on a regular basis and they have a great platform to raise awareness on the climate crisis.

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