Earth Week: A Day of Action – Youth Strike & Earth Day Live

Happy 50th Earth Day: Remembering Earth Day with Gratitude

The success of the Earth Day movement is a true example of what can be achieved. As we discussed on Monday, the establishment of the EPA and the ensuing environmental acts paved the way for significant improvements to our world and outlined responsibilities for corporations and communities in caring for the planet. But they have not gone far enough and still many refuse to follow the guidance of science to ensure a sustainable future.

A new tide is rising. A tide that inspires hope and change. And, as in the early days of this movement, it comes through our youth. From classroom strikes to mobilized protests of local governments and ultimately youth representation at UN meetings, today’s students are demanding action. They are demanding climate justice not for some but for all and they are demanding it now. They are educated. They are vocal. They are empowered. And they are organized!

Organizations such as Youth Climate Strike, Fridays for Future, Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion Youth are springing up globally and gaining momentum and visibility. No longer silent, these leaders are seeking to cause systematic change in government and industry to change the world,s projected future. In her September 2019 address to the United Nations, Greta Thunburg declared “Right here, right now is where we draw the line. Change is coming whether you like it or not.”

Join us for Earth Day 2020 and 72 hours of live streaming content connects millions of people worldwide – people, experts, activists, celebrities, musicians, and YOUTH.

Day 1/APRIL 22:  STRIKE – Earth Day and Youth Climate Strikes – join for community building and storytelling centering on frontline, Indigenous, and POC leaders.

Day 2/APRIL 23: DIVEST – Divestment and Climate Financing – examine ways to redesign an economy that supports a sustainable planet that works for all.

Day 3/APRIL 24: VOTE – Voter Registration and Political Engagement– create political urgency through a nationwide youth voter registration day and calling on elected officials to support our demands.

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