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Composting Part II: In Apartments

Composting Part II: In Apartments By Alex Parker You might be thinking, well, I live in an apartment; composting isn’t possible. Perhaps! Perhaps not. “Sometimes people will get discouraged about composting because they only know it as a big pile in the back yard, and that’s not a possibility for them,” says Moira Kelley, co-founder…
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You don’t need a big yard to start composting

You don’t need a big yard to start composting By Alex Parker Like many American families, my family struggles with food waste. From neglected produce to avocados that roll to the back of the fridge, it seems a lot of what we buy at the grocery store doesn’t end up on our plates at all.…
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Earth Week: Food & Family

Food is an area where simple individual changes can have a dramatic impact. Did you know that agriculture and forestry account for 25% of all global greenhouse gases?  Here are some things YOU can do DAILY! Simple awareness and action can make immediate improvements. Reduce food waste – Roughly one-third of the world’s food is…
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