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sunset photo of a mountain with a small group of people in silhouette

Team up for action!

Team up for action! While we’ve all been hunkered down, many of us are also gearing up for action. Together as teams, we have the opportunity to pool our knowledge and resources for elevated, powerful outcomes. Our two global online leadership trainings brought 95 newly trained leaders into our chapter this summer! And climate-concerned citizens…
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Spotlight: Natalie Lynn starts a YouTube channel

Spotlight: Natalie Lynn starts a YouTube channel Editor’s note: This post is part of a new series in which we will highlight and celebrate the environmental work of our Climate Reality Leaders. Please share your story with us at climaterealitychicago@gmail.com. By Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert Environmentally Fashionable/Globally Healthy was borne out of my desire to create…
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