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Home Sweet Electric Home

Home sweet electric home April 8, 2024 By Cynthia Linton This is one of two public comments by Climate Reality Chicago members offered at the start of the Chicago City Council hearing on the Clean and Affordable Buildings Ordinance (CABO) on April 3. Thirteen people advocated for the passage of CABO. One person spoke against…
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Ms. Linton Goes to Springfield

Ms. Linton Goes to Springfield April 28, 2023 I had not been to Environmental Lobby Day in Springfield since just before the pandemic. And I do mean “just.” The last Illinois Environmental Council sponsored lobby day we went to was on March 4, 2020, and within weeks all hell broke loose in New York City;…
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Eating the Rainbow

Eating the Rainbow By Emily Murphy My curiosity about not eating meat began at a very young age. I always felt a connection to animals — I was always bringing home stray dogs and cats — and I liked eating the rainbow. When I finally connected the dots of where my food comes from, I…
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