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Patty Iverson is a retired high school social-studies teacher. As a member of the Regenerative Agriculture (RA) Team and co-chair of the Tree Team, she is focusing on regenerative agriculture and agroforestry as a solution to climate change. She presents to classes and community groups. She often and has a booth at farmers markets and other agricultural/gardening events, where she talks about the benefits of regenerative agriculture/agroforestry to restore biodiversity, increase soil health and nutrient density of food, and slow global warming.




A bit more:

Patty has an extensive RA and native garden in her back yard. She also visits organic and RA farms when she travels domestically and abroad.

Climate Reality Leadership Corps training:

Minneapolis, 2019

Home zip code: 

60126 (Elmhurst)

Miles willing to travel for a presentation:

< 30 miles

Key topics like to focus on:

Regenerative Agriculture/Agroforestry as a solution to climate change

Ideal audience-type:

High schools, middle schools, and grade schools; garden clubs; village and community groups

Favorite quote:

“Sustainable agriculture and soil management must be integral to any solution to restoring the environment (mitigation of climate change, purification of water, strengthening of biodiversity).” 

– Ratan Lal


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