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Natalie has a degree in Molecular Pathology and has recently received her Masters in Conservation Leadership/Zoology. On the local level, she is Chairman of the Hoffman Estates Sustainability Committee and Membership Officer for the Illinois Monarch Project Communication Engagement Committee. Locally, she is an active volunteer with Spring Valley Nature Center and Sandbluff Bird Banding Station in Rockton, IL. Natalie Lynn also leads international environmental expeditions in locations such as Baja Mexico and Kenya, teaching about conservation and filming. Because climate change is one of the main factors in species and biodiversity loss, Natalie speaks at local and international events to help teach people of all ages the importance of decreasing our carbon footprint and living a sustainable lifestyle.

A bit more: I live with hope, tenacity and perseverance. Protecting our planet is my life’s passion. I have extensive presentation experience and am happy to further learn about topics of less familiarity prior to presenting.

Climate Reality Leadership Corps training: Miami, 2015

Home zip code: 60169 (Hoffman Estates)

Miles willing to travel for a presentation: <50

Key topics like to focus on:  Environment, Biodiversity, Wildlife, Landscape, Scientific Background and Advancement

Ideal audience-type:  All Ages, All Education Levels  (able to speak some Spanish)

Favorite quote:

“You can have and achieve all that you desire through sheer will and the power of God.” —self

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