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I currently a candidate for the MPA with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Communications at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I also graduated as an undergrad with an English degree in creative nonfiction writing. In September of 2015, I attended the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps Conference. Since then, I have presented Climate Reality presentations in college and community classrooms, been a part of climate and social justice rallies in the Midwest, and am working on a local level to change waste and energy policies. I returned to the Houston 2016 conference as a mentor as well as Denver in 2017, where I shared the stage with Al Gore on a panel discussing climate activism. When not working on climate issues, I am a writer and stand-up comedian in Chicago, where I produce two local showcases and perform both comedy and music throughout the city. While at the University as an undergrad I developed specialized knowledge in Great Lakes freshwater issues through my studies with the UIC Freshwater Lab. In the fall of 2016 I spent my final semester analyzing the rhetoric used around climate change, specifically in the presidential debates. I completed my seniors Honors Thesis entitled “Rewriting the World: Imagining a Sustainable Planet Through Nonfiction Writing.” I have experience in urban agriculture, working on various urban farms and gardens, and I hope to combine my interest in green energy, urban ag, and communications.

A bit more: I am interested in the bridge between the humanities and sustainability, and am exploring how to effectively communicate the urgency of climate change in an engaging, entertaining way. I believe that in order to create a sustainable world, we must live in a society with a socially and politically engaged public. I am passionate about inspiring others, especially students, to get socially and politically involved, both on local and national levels. I have presented to a variety of different groups, including college classes, the League of Women Voters, community groups, and more.

Climate Reality Leadership Corps training: Miami, March 2015

Home zip code: 60130 (Forest Park)

Miles willing to travel for a presentation: Anywhere

Ideal audience-type: Any

Favorite quote:

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke


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