Electrification Resources – Solar

Residential Incentives for Solar

There are financial incentives to lower the cost of generating your own electricity on-site by capturing solar energy using photovoltaic panels! Federal, state, and local incentives can be combined.

Federal Tax Credit

30% of the cost may be credited against your federal tax liability

State of Illinois Incentives

  • Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC)
  • One of two options:
    • Illinois Shines: direct rebate based upon expected energy generated (~15-35% of system installation cost)
    • Illinois Solar for All: program that covers upfront installation costs for low-income households

Local Group Buys

A group buy is a partnership that allows for bulk purchasing and education. A discount is provided for each participate, depending on the total number of participants.

Net Metering

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) offers net metering, which provides a credit to your bill when you produce more energy than you use. 

How Much Energy Can Your Roof Produce?

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