Air Source Heat Pumps Fact Sheet

Air Source Heat Pump Fact Sheet

How Heat Pumps Work

  • Air source heat pumps extract and move heat, rather than generating heat
  • Air source heat pumps move heat in both directions – either indoors or outdoors, depending the season
  • Air source heat pumps replace both heating and cooling systems
  • Look for “cold climate” heat pumps which perform better in cold regions
  • Air source heat pumps are more efficient than gas furnaces and typically cost less to operate
  • Air source heat pumps run on electricity

Federal Incentives

  • Federal tax credit of 30% of the cost to purchase
    and install a heat pump, up to $2,000 (Eligible models from EnergyStar)
  • Beginning in 2024, state rebate of up to $8,000 of the cost to purchase and install a heat pump for low and moderate income households
  • ComEd discount up to $2,000 with eligible