Now more than ever it’s time to push for Chicago — and your city, wherever you are — to make a commitment to the country and the world that we will transition to 100% renewable energy. Yes, it’s a major undertaking for a major metropolis, even small towns, but we can and we must.


Join us in asking all potential mayoral candidates, existing and future city government officials #whynotchicago?


When there are genuine answers to this question, let’s work to resolve the very real obstacles to making this necessary transition — a noble societal role that Climate Reality Leaders and more are ready to step into — to help usher in the #SustainabilityRevolution.

Stand with us in demanding that we determine what it will take to get us there. We’re ready, even if it’s hard. The time is now.


Strike up a conversation and share. #whynotchicago #leadonclimate #100committed

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