Solutions Workshops

Solutions Workshops

Ready to get into action but unsure where to start? In conjunction with Pachamama Alliance, we’ll be offering solution sessions on a rolling basis to help get you started.

Take a deep dive into the Drawdown solutions as initially published in 2017. These solutions outline the practices and technologies that already exist that can be scaled to begin to not only stop buildup of atmospheric carbon, but reverse or “drawdown” greenhouses gases as needed by midcentury.



Orientation to Drawdown

Join us as we look at Drawdown Solutions that we can bring to our local communities.  Participants will learn about “level 3” actions and how effective they can be. Choose a solution for deeper research and further action.


Getting into Action

A follow up to our orientation session. Drawdown solution subgroups will report on their findings. Interested individuals may join a solution group or share their own ideas.

If you are interested in attending a session or want to be notified of a future offering, let us know.