Pricing mechanisms create a fair market approach putting the cost of carbon directly on companies bringing forth fossil fuel energy. Incentives for clean, renewable energy are created. And carbon pricing is the preferred strategy among most countries and economists.

Our Chapter’s Approach:

Educate + Raise Awareness

For carbon pricing to succeed, individuals, groups and influential leaders need to understand how the mechanisms work, why they’re important and the benefits. It’s a complicated topic, so we must thoroughly educate ourselves first and then educate others. That’s why we’ve created the ‘Carbon Pricing 101’ slide deck.  Make it your goal to become an expert. Climate Reality Leaders should consider adding slides on Pricing Pollution to their presentations.

Coalition Building

Let’s build a broad coalition across climate and environmental groups to find common ground and a recommended approach for Illinois. Our fellow environmental groups are a great place to turn first. We can create a road to pricing pollution for IL.

Attend Climate Action Table meetings to represent our Chapter. Help build a coalition.

Build Legislative Support

To create the policy our state needs, we’ll need civic and legislative support. We’ll identify key legislators ready to lead in developing and eventually sponsoring legislation. Attend national calls and/or set up meetings with legislators to discuss carbon pricing.

Carbon Pricing 101

There’s growing support for carbon pricing as a necessary step to address climate change. It’s supported by 88 countries and a broad array of public interest groups yet most Americans know very little about carbon pricing. Come to learn:

• Why pricing is an effective policy for climate action
• How pricing will speed a transition to renewable energy
• Many co-benefits including employment and jobs
• The broad, diverse groups that support pricing
• How you can support a carbon pricing policy

If you would like to schedule a ‘Carbon Pricing 101’ presentation, please contact us.

2019 Presentations:

Sun., Feb. 3  /  2:30–4:30pm  /  Schaumburg Library  /  (inquire)
Mon., Feb. 4  /  1:00–2:00pm  /  Levy Senior Center, Evanston  /  (inquire)
Mon., March 11  /  7:15–8:45pm  /  Sierra Club Meeting, Frankfort  /  Details  (inquire)
Tues., April 2  /  7:00–9:00pm  /  Evanston Indivisible  /  Details  (inquire)
Th., April 18  /  7:00–8:30pm  /  Barrington Public Library (Zimmerman Room)  /   Details  (inquire)
Wed., June 19  /  7:00–8:30pm  /  Homewood Science Center  /  Details  (inquire)