Speakers Bureau / Grace Garrity



I’ve been interested in environmental issues since high school, especially how the issue of social justice is entwined and the way that the general public perceives the issue. These interests led me to the University of Chicago where I received a BA in Environmental Studies in 2018. As a native Chicagoan, I am passionate about local issues but I believe a global effort is truly necessary to curb climate change and its effects. I believe that living sustainably allows people to coexist with the planet and leads to a meaningful life without damaging future generations’ ability to do so. Advocacy can help reinforce this by encouraging engaged and cohesive communities. I hope to share these ideas with others and show people that they are capable of promoting and realizing change.

A bit more:  I love painting, writing poetry, bike riding and music.

Climate Reality Leadership Corps training: Pittsburgh, 2017

Home zip code: 60646 (Chicago)

Miles willing to travel for a presentation: <25

Key topics of focus:  Sustainability, Resilience, Engagement, Community

Ideal audience-type:  Any

Favorite quote:

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry

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