Chapter Election 2023

Roles up for election:
(1-year terms, April 1–March 31)

  • Chapter Chair
  • Chapter Vice Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Public Education Chair
  • At-Large Chairs (three elected, more may be appointed)

Election Timeline:

Jan. 27: Self-nominations open

Feb. 16: Chapter Meeting — Second election announcement

Mar. 9: Self-nominations close

Mar. 10: Last chapter membership list eligible to vote in the election

Mar. 16: Chapter Meeting — Candidate presentations; Voting opens and ballots emailed

Mar. 23: Voting ends at midnight CST

Mar. 24: Results announced (two non-candidate members audit)

Apr. 1: Transition to new Chairs/Leadership Committee

Apr. 20: Chapter Meeting — Leadership Committee announces any additional appointed at-large chairs**

**At-large chair positions are described below.

**At-Large Chair Positions

Once the new Leadership Committee has been elected and installed on April 1, additional at-large chair appointments may be made. Three at-large chair positions are elected but more may be added by Leadership Committee appointment as deemed in the chapter interest. Additional at-large chairs can be added to assure enough coverage is available to run our chapter effectively, to bring in some expertise or representation not yet present or to prepare members for future leadership in desired capacities. The Leadership Committee will nominate and vote to choose members who have demonstrated commitment, availability and effectiveness with our chapter. The final number of positions will be determined by the new Leadership Committee with possible directive from Climate Reality staff.

— 2023-24 Candidates —






AT-LARGE CHAIRS (3 elected positions available)