/ Chapter Election 2020 /

Roles up for election:
(Each for a one-year term.)

  • Chapter Chair/Co-Chair

  • Presenters Chair/Co-Chair

  • Communications Chair/Co-Chair

  • Membership Chair/Co-Chair

  • Campaigns Chair/Co-Chair

Election Timeline:

  • Jan 21: Chapter Meeting — Election announced
  • Jan 28: Self-nominations open
  • Feb 20: Chapter Meeting — Second election announcement
  • Mar 10: Self-nominations close
  • Mar 13: Last chapter membership list eligible to vote in the election
  • Mar 17: Chapter Meeting — Candidate presentations; Voting opens and ballots emailed via Election Buddy
  • Mar 24: Voting ends at midnight CST
  • Mar 25: Results announced (two non-candidate members audit)
  • Apr 1: Transition to new Chairs/Leadership Committee
  • Apr 16: Chapter Meeting — Leadership Committee announce at-large chairs**

**At-large chair positions are described below.

Key Details of the Election
  • Only the Chapter Chair position requires a member to be a trained Climate Reality Leader (i.e. a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps). All other roles are open to all members!
  • Members can run as an individual or paired with another member as a Co-Chair set (individuals work out partners in advance).
  • Time commitments vary based on the position but expect to commit 5+ hours per week which includes calls and meetings.
  • Term: One year (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021)
  • Term Limit: Maximum of two one-year terms in any given role (unless unchallenged). Individuals are eligible to run for a different position if they have reached a term limit in a specific role. If there are no applicants for a role for which a person has reached a term limit, they may run again.
  • Interested candidates must use the Self-Nomination Form to officially submit their application by March 10th. Your answers will become your candidate statement giving members a sense of your goals for the position and as a member of the Leadership Committee on which chairs serve with a voting position. 
  • Candidates should plan to attend the chapter meeting on March 17th to read their candidate statement. If a candidate is unable to be present, their nominating statement will be presented on their behalf. 
  • All chapter members (as of March 13th) will receive an official ballot via email on March 17th from Election Buddy, likely after our meeting. The online service will present each candidate’s statement from the self-nomination form and ensures one vote per role per member.
  • Note: As our chapter is still young, the positions require significant guidance to devise these roles and to continue to develop the structure of the chapter. Each chair is highly encouraged to build a team of members to assist in executing tasks which can alleviate the time commitment.
  • The Climate Reality Election Guide can be viewed on our Member Google Drive* in the ‘Election 2020’ folder.

*If you don’t yet have access and are a member, simply click through to request access and you will be added.


About the self-nomination form:

  • Fill out one form for each role you are running (if interested in running for Chapter Chair, you may also want to run for another chair role)
  • Describe your chapter involvement thus far
  • Give a short statement explaining why you wish to serve in a specific role and why you think you’d be successful in the position
  • Share priorities you see for the specific role in our chapter and for the chapter overall
  • Provide a head-and-shoulders photo
  • Confirm you understand the commitment

At-Large Chair Positions

Once the new Leadership Committee has been elected and installed in April 2020, at-large chair appointments will be made. At-large chair positions are by appointment only by the Leadership Committee. We first aim to fill chair roles via our election. Once the election is completed, we will see how many Leadership Committee members we have, anywhere between five to ten people. These additional Leadership Committee members will be added to assure enough coverage is available to run our chapter effectively. The Leadership Committee will nominate and vote to choose members who have demonstrated commitment, availability and effectiveness with our chapter. The maximum size of the Leadership Committee is twelve members but an odd number may be desirable for voting purposes. The number of positions will be determined by the Leadership Committee.