Join our efforts to get this important legislation passed in our state as soon as possible. 

This powerful bill, first introduced in the spring of 2019 and reintroduced in 2021, would put our state on a path to emissions-free power by 2030, builds a just transition, would electrify transportation and would commit Illinois to 100% clean energy by 2050.

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Our presentations, a cornerstone of Climate Reality, educate people about the severity of our climate crisis — so we can swiftly work together on the deep actions necessary to fully implement the solutions which are already within our reach. 

Join this team for presenting resources including regional slides, guidance and a team of others from the region working as a community for greatest reach and effectiveness.

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This team is actively working against mindless consumerism and a throw-away society that creates mountains of trash and toxic waste seriously harming our environment.  

We advocate for a circular economy, where goods are recycled and reused rather than tossed. There are many waste issues to tackle, but the current focus is on a ban of Styrofoam and working with restaurants to be more sustainable.

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This team is dedicated to moving our public transportation infrastructure off fossil fuels to electricity. 

Together, they organize, research, educate and advocate for the transition to electric transportation in the region. 

The committee is working with Pace. If they buy compressed natural gas buses, this would lock in that fuel source for decades. The sooner we go electric, the better. Join in to help this and other organizations find a path to electrification NOW.

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Strategic Communications

How we communicate the facts about climate change and convince others to work alongside us is critical to our mission. We know the digital era is upon us, so we embrace social media to disseminate our message and activate our members. But we also see the value of old-fashioned narrative, where we share our stories to help people connect to the key issues we face, as well as the human cost of climate change.

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Climate Action Book Club

What better way is there to keep up with the most important environmental and climate issues of the day than to read the most relevant books on these topics? And what could be better than to read them along with our Climate Reality friends?

Join us every other month as we delve into the most critical issues of the day. We take turns as conversation facilitators and facilitators get to select the book for which they will lead the discussion. All are welcome, even those who didn’t have a chance to read the book!

Recent book selections include: No One’s Too Small To

Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg, The Green New Deal by Jeremy Rifkin and This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. 

Watch our calendar for our next meeting, which is usually the third Sunday afternoon of the month.

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In addition to these existing teams, we’re tracking member interest for additional climate-related teams — including areas such as solutions, youth action, environmental justice and business. Members, be sure to take our CIRCLES POLL

We’re always looking for people to help with chapter governance, strategy, operations and growth as well. Email us if interested!