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Climate change is already affecting ecosystems and communities across the globe, but it’s not too late to take action – and Climate Reality Leaders can show you how. At a Climate Reality presentation, you’ll learn about the local and global effects, as well as what you and your group can do to help create a better future for the planet.

Presenters have attended an extensive three-day Climate Reality Leadership Corps training with VP Al Gore and dozens of world experts. A wide variety of backgrounds is represented, all with a shared passion and extensive knowledge on climate change ready to share the latest slideshow with you. A detailed presentation can be customized for your audience to specification.

Note: Not all Corps members are affiliated with our Chapter or this Speakers Bureau but may still be available for skilled presentations.

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If you have an audience, we have the time. Our mission is to raise awareness of the urgency to act on climate change as quickly as possible. We have the science and solutions ready to share.